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What Is the Standard Size Bronze Mailboxes?

Bronze mailboxes – A residential mailbox serves a functional purpose, but it also adds visual interest and provides decorative curb appeal. Mailboxes come in a variety of colors and materials, including steel coated with metallic bronze color. If you choose to install a bronze mailbox at your house, choose a standard size that is designed to accommodate standard mailbox post.

Wall Mount Bronze Mailboxes

Wall Mount Bronze Mailboxes

Opt for a galvanized steel mailbox painted with a bronze, durable weather-resistant paint. Copper metal is heavy, expensive and oxidizes in bad weather, so bronze mailboxes are generally made of steel covered with a prolonged outdoor color. A standard steel mailbox, covered with weatherproof bronze color, robust and rust-proof. Avoid painting a steel mailbox with bronze paint myself because manufacturers use high-pressure equipment and sealing procedures that protect steel against harsh outdoor elements.

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Install a regular mailbox post or installation in the ground before installing a bronze mailbox. Standard mailbox post meets the height requirements, established by the Postmaster General. USPS requires the mailbox to be 3 1/2 to 4 feet above the surface of the road. This vertical height can post trucks to deliver mail quickly and effectively to residents. Choose a wood or solid metal post and fasten it firmly in the ground, according to the installation instructions. Attach your usual bronze mailboxes to the post with galvanized steel hardware included in your mailbox purchase. Avoid installing the service and mailbox in an area where the soil has eroded or on a steep slope.

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