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March 17, 2020 Spoons

Some Types Honey Spoons

Honey Spoons – We started looking for how it is denominated in different languages, in case it could offer us some clue. A spoon of honey or honeycomb. Honey dipper in English. Cuillère to honey in French. Honiglöffel in German. The consultation made to the Foundation of Urgent Spanish comes to confirm the term spoon for honey, spoon of honey, spoon of honey, but without a technical term to name it. We have not found any references to your discoverer.

Honey Spoons Bamboo

Honey Spoons Bamboo

Asking in an Ethnographic Museum, we were informed that no such spoon appears among its bottoms, so we discarded that it is a utensil of traditional use. We explained that the honey spoons to handle the honey, could have been hard wooden spoons without more (since normally the honey is solidified), that is, the spoons of a lifetime. There were, however, specific spoons similar to whipping milk and making butter. Spinning spindles have a similar geometry and some people tend to confuse them. Its grooves cause the honey to wrap in the spoon and do not drip.

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Image of: Honey Spoons Bamboo

It also helps to dose the exact amount of honey to use. Dip the spoon into the honey. While the honey spoons are spinning, the honey does not drip. When we want to put the honey in our favorite food or drink, just stop spooning the spoon. The honey will begin to fall slowly. Shaking horizontally, the honey is maintained.

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