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Seder Plate Bed Bath And Beyond

Seder plate – The main Passover activity is the Seder which takes place on the first two evenings of the holiday (only one if you live in Israel). At the Seder a special Seder plate is used to display the needed foods. They are all symbols or reminders of the story of the redemption of the Jewish people from slavery in Egypt. The story is told in the Passover Haggada.

Seder Plate Activity

Seder Plate Activity

The Seder plate meal has some indispensable components. The most visible is the matza, the unleavened bread. It symbolizes slavery but also represents self-control. Self-mastery is what Jews need to become faithful servants of their Creator who saved them from Egypt for just that purpose. Round, square, hand or machine made, matza is kosher as long as it’s under kosher supervision.

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Wine or grape juice – four cups for each participant – is also needed. Wine and matza are the two items that need the most care to be kosher. The next item is maror – a bitter herb. Horseradish root is the sinus-clearing champion when it comes to bitterness. You can also use romaine lettuce. The bitter herb is used at two separate points in the Seder plate and reminds the participants of the bitterness of slavery.

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