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September 8, 2020 Laminate Ideas

Preparing Install Parkay Laminate

Parkay Laminate – After checking that the surface of the floor meets the ideal conditions to install the parquet clean, level and dry we will line it with the polyethylene roll, this way we will avoid seepage through moisture. The joining points of the polyethylene roll are put together with strips of adhesive tape to seal them. The direction of this insulation layer will be perpendicular to the ones used in the laminate floor installation. Now we can start to place the floating platform.

Parkay Laminate Awesome

Parkay Laminate Awesome

First, place the wedges next to the wall to start putting the different sheets of the floor. Paying special attention to placing the first piece with the male against the wall (it is very important to always start this way) and leaving a centimeter dilatation around the perimeter. Now we can continue the installation parkay laminate by joining the different sheets. With a simple system of tongue-and-groove tabs, also known as a click-together system.

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If we do not have cutting tools, we can take the pieces to trim, after having taken the measures. To some hardware that offers the service of cut. The placement will be done by rows, so when we reach the end of the first. It most likely will not fit the sheet, so we will have to take the measurements of the space parkay laminate that is missing and trim the slab to fit, but always maintaining.

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