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Popular Granite Mailbox Post

Granite mailbox post – A mailbox is an important part of your daily activities. You either have one on the house, on the record or on the edge of your garden. The one you have in your home is installed by you, the homeowner. It is a simple process and does not take long to mount the mailbox to the post. Once the service is up, the box within minutes. Then you can decorate it and put on your numbers

Beautiful Granite Mailbox Post

Beautiful Granite Mailbox Post

A handmade granite mailbox post adds character and charm to your home. With a variety of styles to choose from, you can create a decorative granite mailbox post with intricate carvings or a simple but elegant mailbox posts from strong hardwoods such as maple or oak and also with granite mailbox post or paint your post to match your home or lawn. Use strong granite to create a robust mailbox post that can withstand all types of weather, including rain and high winds.

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Image of: Granite Mailbox Post Design Ideas
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Low mailbox arm long enough to accommodate the length of the mailbox. Mark the mailbox position to where you want to attach the arm.  Cut out of these grooves to create a notch large enough to ensure the mailbox arm to the post. Use two heavy bolts to add more stability. Attach the mailbox to the arm with screws. Installing granite mailbox post, dig a whole at least three times the diameter of the mailbox item, and a third of the longitudinal position. To allow for water drainage line at the bottom of the hole with gravel. Place the post in the hole in order to determine whether the mailbox when the regulated height.

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