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Cute Mailboxes Can Mean So Much

September 11, 2020 Ideas

Original and Funny Mailboxes in Japan

Funny mailboxes – Of course, Japan is the perfect country to find extravagant things in any area. From ancestral customs to new urban fashions or trends. One of the most curious latest trends, we are discussing today is directly related to communications. And more specifically with the mailboxes. Usually the mailboxes are boring, all with the same guidelines and without drawing too much attention. Except if you visit Japan.

Amazing Funny Mailboxes

Amazing Funny Mailboxes

A fashion is turning the country funny mailboxes of the rising sun into anything from anime. Or manga characters to even more useful objects such as a bird refuge. Some two hundred and five specially decorated mailboxes are already distributed throughout the Japanese archipelago. And many of them are already becoming a tourist attraction, especially for the locals.

12 Inspiration Gallery from Original and Funny Mailboxes in Japan

Image of: Cool Funny Mailboxes
Image of: Unusual Funny Mailboxes
Image of: Tacky And Funny Mailboxes
Image of: Stylish Funny Mailboxes
Image of: Scary And Funny Mailboxes
Image of: Hilarious Funny Mailboxes
Image of: Funny Mailboxes Model
Image of: Funny Mailboxes Ideas
Image of: Funny Mailboxes Design
Image of: Creative Funny Mailboxes
Image of: Crazy Funny Mailboxes
Image of: Amazing Funny Mailboxes

The first of the curious “different” mailboxes was placed in 1952. This is to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Japanese Postal Service. And since then, many cities and towns have decided to decorate some of their mailboxes to be funny mailboxes. And becoming small tourism monuments which have become very popular. We already know the Japanese’s penchant for collecting anything, even different looking mailboxes. Many of them can be seen on the postmap site.

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