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August 24, 2019 Spoons

Luxurious Caviar Spoon Designs

Caviar spoon – caviar cannot be tasted with any spoon by choice that is among best cutlery. It must be of materials chosen to avoid breaking its delicate aroma. For this, Petrossian house offers most exclusive. Her Mother-of-Pearl is a spoon made of mother-of-pearl. It has non-reactive properties and allows tasting caviar with its entire aroma. blue mangoes are encrusted with blue mother-of- pearl. But if they do not match tablecloth, better choose white ones.

Buy Caviar Spoon

Buy Caviar Spoon

Caviar spoon packaging is very classy as they come each with its own individual bag blue velvet. You can buy them individually ($ 14 white and 20 dollars blue) or in boxes of six units whose prices are 75 and 108 dollars respectively. You will surprise your guests or, simply, be a sybarite over top. As hard as it is to find an original and classy present today, I’ve just served you on a mother-of-pearl tray.

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Luxurious caviar spoon is product of sturgeon roe, a fish that inhabits Caspian Sea, Russian and Iranian seas and is also present in seas and rivers of Italy, Spain and southern France. Today, caviar is still synonymous with luxury and is becoming more expensive and scarce. regulations say that to be true can only come from four species of sturgeon – Beluga and Osetra, most famous – and that must be raised sustainably, as several countries were prohibited from hunting.

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