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Lenox Plates Hanger

Lenox plates rack is a useful gadget that allows the beautiful dishes. This homemade plate hanger is much cheaper than traditional wire plate hangers. Using a set of these hangers to create an amazing array of unusual Lenox plates of the living room sofa or showcasing an ancient set of dishes in the dining room.

Bird Lenox Plates

Bird Lenox Plates


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Image of: Bird Lenox Plates

Cut two pieces of wire 3 inches longer than the diameter of the plate. Pull a piece of wire to form a circle in the middle section of the long wire. Bend the second cable to a “V” shape. Slide this wire in the loop of first wire. Twist “V” to create a small loop by pulling the ends of the cable to the opposite side and secure “V” inside the larger loop.

Place the Lenox plates down on a table. Place the cables on the plate back with large wire loop under the lip of the base plate. The plate base is the round circle on the plate to stabilize it. Turn the plate over the edges of the plate wires up front, even positioning them and make sure they are tight and secure. Trim the wires and twist them into circles with needle nose pliers. Hang plate by inserting the wire loop of a nail.

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