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February 8, 2020 Styles

How To Install Fancy Mailboxes

How To Install Fancy Mailboxes – There are a number of reasons why you need to install fancy mailboxes at home. Mailboxes must be periodically replaced if they are damaged in the storms, hit by vehicles vandalized or simply too old and becomes uninteresting. Installing a fancy mailboxes is not a task you want to do several times to get it right, so you may find yourself spending some time installing your fancy mailboxes to make sure it is positioned correctly and robust enough to withstand typical outdoor risks and conditions.

Contemporary Fancy Mailboxes

Contemporary Fancy Mailboxes

Review the United States Postal Service guidelines for fancy mailboxes, including those that are specific to your local post office. You can find these guidelines on the USPS website. If your mailbox is not within these parameters, your postman refuses to supply it, and you will need to remove it and install it. Buy your fancy mailboxes and mount it on a 4-inch by 4-inch by 6-foot wooden pole in accordance with the instructions supplied with the mailbox when it comes to proper installation. Different mailboxes have different connection requirements for attaching them to posts.

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Dig a post hole approximately two to two ½ feet deep, about a foot away from the curb to install fancy mailboxes. Make sure the front of your mailbox will be no more than six inches away from the curb or roadside and barely four feet high when the bottom of the pole rests on the bottom of the hole. Put mailbox post in the hole and back fill the hole with dirt. If you do not know your dirt will be strong enough to support the mailbox, you can fill the hole back up with some kind of fast-drying cement can be purchased at most home improvement stores. When the hole is filled in, the fancy mailboxes should be properly installed.

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