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History and Features of the Antique Mailbox

The antique mailbox was first used in Russia in the 19th century. Russia was the first to leave a public post box and they start with the letter box made of wood. However this is a mild and often stolen. In response, Russia introduced a much heavier cast iron box which can weigh up to 45 kilograms.

Antique Mailbox Bank

Antique Mailbox Bank

One of them antique mailbox are still in use at Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Wall mounted letterboxes made of cast iron which is also popular for home use during the first half of the twentieth century. Mailbox today saw resurgence in popularity, both for the firm and their aesthetic qualities. Many environments have suffered repeated attacks in the mailbox from people driving by holding a baseball.

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One response has been to buy antique mailbox that can withstand hits, such as those made of cast iron. In addition to stand up to violence, cast iron wall mounted mailboxes can hinder theft. Many have a mail slot and a hinged lid that locks. As long as the key is as sturdy as the rest of the mailbox, personal correspondence and information in the email is safe from theft. Others prefer to feature a non-utilitarian. They are usually black in color and generally more ornate than a typical mailbox, embossed with a design. Additionally, lasts for years.

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