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Go Green With Using Compostable Plates

Compostable Plates – There are many times when disposable dishes are a viable alternative to ceramic plates. This includes large parts where it may be practical to use ceramic plates or occasions such as outdoor barbecue and picnic. Many people prefer to use plastic or disposable dishes during these occasions as they do not crush or break if they fall on the floor.

Compostable Plates Best

Compostable Plates Best

While disposable plates definitely have positive and useful features, they are not always friendly to the environment. Not all disposable dishes, for example, are made from recyclable materials or contain recycled materials. This means that while disposable dishes have many undoubted advantages, it can also have a negative impact on the environment in the long run. Some forms of disposable compostable plates, for example, are not suitable for recycling and also do not decompose.

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Therefore, when discarded, they are sent to landfills where they can use valuable space. An interesting compromise for people considering disposable plates, but also wanting to be friendly with the environment, is compostable plates. They have rich garden compost that can be used to add nutrients to flowers and vegetables. Compostable plates are perfect for those looking for a green solution when catering for parties, barbecues or picnics. Most plaques are made of compostable bagasse. This is a byproduct of sugar cane production.

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