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July 26, 2019 Ideas

DIY Mailbox Wood Design

DIY mailbox – Whether you are building a mailbox to match a new house, or replaces an existing mailbox, you can insert standard tunnel-shaped container in a property close to your own. Follow these steps. Choose a post of impregnated wood or metal. Wooden posts should not exceed 4 x 4 inches. Steep pipe posts should measure 2 inches in diameter. Set your mailbox on a horizontal piece of wood. Attach this to the record. The size of the box determines the size of your horizontal piece of wood.

DIY Mailbox Plan

DIY Mailbox Plan

Determine the location for the DIY mailbox. The roadside Faced box must be 6 to 8 inches from the edge of the shoulder or from the face of the curb. For gravel roads, the more distance is required from the edge of the gravel section of the road. Dig a hole about 2 meters deep and no wider than necessary. A clam for hole-digger makes digging easier. Bury post in the ground and to anchor the concrete or stone in a bed of gravel. Place a 6-inch layer of gravel on the ground.

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The DIY mailbox must be installed at least 42 inches from the ground. Prepare the concrete and pour in around the post. Use a level to get the post square and let the concrete set overnight. Fill the hole with soil and press down firmly. Attach the mailbox to the base. Set mailbox in place with screws and attach it to the board. Do not forget to attach a signal flag on the side of the box.

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