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July 23, 2019 Ideas

Comfy Berkline Sofa Design at Home

Berkline sofa – I think, comfort is one of key aspects to choose sofa and sellers know this well, so nobody will tell us anything if in a sofa shop we dedicate to sit in different models until you find one more we like. Although it is true that many sofas do not need to try them. By seeing them we already know that we will feel like kings over them.

Berkline Sofa Leather

Berkline Sofa Leather

This black leather model is a classic of berkline sofa. Its fabric will envelop us during winter nights and dark color assures us that it will not be filled with flashy spots at first change. But it’s simple appearance hides some pleasant surprises: it has adjustable headrests and cushions on sides invite us to lie down and stretch our legs. Just be careful with this position.

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Designer Philip Mambretti has created a berkline sofa with a special design, which mixes classic elements with a certain dandy elegance, all in one single color: black. shape of this sofa is that of a classic L, a chaise longue that invites us to relax and rest. However, design breaks with concept, endowing only two of four horizontal pieces that make up model. One of seats, in which we can stretch our legs, also has armrests.

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