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August 31, 2019 Knives

The Best Chopping Knife for Chopping Vegetables

Chopping knife is an art that every chef should master. Whether working at a five-star restaurant or cut up vegetables for snacks for children, the right knife will make your job much easier. And, there are several different types of blades for consideration.

Chopping Knife for Hunting

Chopping Knife for Hunting

Like slicing through butter with chopping knife, Wusthof Classic provides an easy vegetable cutting the professional chefs and home cooks can admire. Comfortable grip makes it easier to cut no matter what food you cut through. Chopping onions, lettuce, tomatoes, carrots – you name it, we’ve tried this knife with them all.

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Repetitive tasks eliminated by chopping knife this. Natural curves and depth allows you to easily stone blades when necessary to cut through any vegetables in your path. And, do not hold sacred knife sliced foods such as other knives. Instead, the food is sliced easily slid off the knife into. This very sharp knife will cut right through the fruit without bruising the delicate skin in the process. You cannot say the same for many of the knife in this class. Super sharp and effective, Nakiri Classic hammered to 30% sharper than the competition and holds another 30% advantage – less sharpening and more cuts.

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